Editorial - 7 Reasons Why You Should Quit Making Games

There have been a few articles lately blowing the trumpets that the game industry’s sky is falling. I address those issues in this editorial.

Indie Game Review - Influent

I’ve had the honor of being invited as a reviewer and blogger at IndieGamerChick.com. This was my first review!

Indie Game Review - Luna's Falling Stars

My review of a great puzzle game that tangentially teaches you basic principles of Newtownian Physics!

The Road to Ludum Dare

Preparation and practice towards participating in the August 2014 Ludum Dare.

My Latest Games and Prototypes

Protostar - 2D Vertical Shooter

Currently undergoing revision, take a look behind the scenes of this epic 2D vertical space shooter originally programmed in Flash!

Princess Candy Apple Saga

Help Princess Candy Apply collect all the pieces of the Sugar Rush Scroll in this mini-saga! Gather candy! Shoot evil gumdrops!

Zombie Zero

Defend yourself against endless hordes of undead as you travel deep into the mysterious complex they originate from!

"Joy is the serious business of Heaven." - C. S. Lewis

This is why I make games.